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Our Mission:

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What am I supposed to eat??

photo courtesy of PETA

Vegetarianism, veganism, macrobiotics, eating for your blood type, raw food, Ayurveda, ai yi yi! I don’t know what to eat anymore.

I have been a vegetarian the past three years, who eats fish occasionally, so that technically makes me a pescatarian. However, after a recent bout with the flu, I have become extra aware of what I put into my body. After perusing Eating Right For Your Type, I discovered that Type O, which is my blood type, thrives on a diet high in animal protein, namely beef and lamb. Yikes!

I am not sure how to stomach this information, since being a yogi and an environmentalist lends itself to more of a vegetarian diet. Is there really such a thing as a conscious carnivore?

What am I supposed to eat??

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Speaking of Yoga in Pop Culture....

Did you see what McDonald's is up to? Check out this link to see how they are using yoga & fitness to sell their food...


What are your thoughts? blatant commercialization? or is it really cool that yoga is reaching a demographic it may not have reached otherwise? read more...