Our Mission:

Our Mission:

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Check out what we are doing in order to grow YT and sustain the dream of inspiring everyone into a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Yogi Times is launching THE PAY WHAT YOU WISH SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAIGN. This exciting campaign brings a copy of Yogi Times delivered right to your door each month and in the spirit of donation at a price that you determine. With this campaign we are creating a strong intention for our vision of Yogi Times and the desire to grow our company in a way that embraces the very principles we have held true to for the last six years in our pages.
By offering a subscription to Yogi Times at value that the community determines, we are placing our trust in our valued readers, partners and friends to support our vision. This is your opportunity to rise to an occasion and support the outreach of conscious media, yoga and the shifting of consciousness across our country.

Here are some ways to support THE PAY WHAT YOU WISH CAMPAIGN and join us in strengthening the Yogi Times dream.
  1. Forward this mailer to your list of students, teachers and other partners of our community. (should you need it resized to your standard, contact Jessica at graphics@yogitimes.com)
  2. Place THE PAY WHAT YOU WISH CAMPAIGN icon on your website - icon is attached to this email - (should you need it resized to your standard, contact Jessica at graphics@yogitimes.com)
  3. Link to our subscription page on your website and your Enews: https://subscriptions.yogitimes.com/store/one_page_form.html
  4. Subscribe to Yogi Times and PAY WHAT YOU WISH!
  5. Spread the word...
When you act on any or all of these measures, please feel free to keep us in the loop. We welcome your feedback and love staying connected to you.
We are so very grateful for your rich and real response to our outreach.


Sophie and Jc

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The Yogi At Home {Natural Inspiration}

Natural Inspiration

Living in San Francisco, I am always inspired by the beauty of nature. Whether looking in awe at how the fog slowly creeps across the Bay, watching sea gulls fly overhead in a cool breeze, or just looking to the mountains in the far-off distance, natural elements inspire me each and every day. They can also be inspirational in your home decor. Here are a few things that can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your abode:

1. I love this porcelain Owl Lamp. Absolutely beautiful and with just a little bit of whimsy.

2. These hand blown Sea Urchin Vases are reminiscent of warm days by the sea.

3. A Driftwood Vase pays homage to wood's inspirational form.

4. This Dove Coral Pillow will bring the beauty of coral into your home without harming any reefs.

I hope you will find as much inspiration in these finds as I do, and bring a little nature home. read more...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Yogi At Home {Sanctuary}

{Image from White Webb}

Happy New Year to all of you! It is a new year and a time for new beginnings. For many of us we take this time to think about the future; we try to steer away from the mistakes of the past; and will make impossible resolutions like starting an all grapefruit diet in hopes of losing the weight gained from holiday delights.

With an entirely new year in front of us, it is also an important time for deep, inner reflection. For many of us, we will reflect inward during yoga class, at our place of spiritual worship, even at work (depending on what you do), but this year I invite you to focus on home as a sanctuary for deep reflection. I am the first to admit that I am guilty of using the yoga studio as my only place for inner reflection. I will go to class, really get to the core of my being, and by the time I have made the evening commute home I am completely flustered and have lost the sense of peace I once had.

This year it is my resolution to make home the inner sanctuary I seek. Whether by creating an alter for meditation, creating a small space for morning and evening asanas, or simply removing distractions like TV from the bedroom, I am ready to make my home the place where I can find and maintain a sense of peace.

{Image from White Webb}

This year I invite you to make your home a sanctuary. And please, share with other Yogi Times Blog readers what you are doing to bring a bit of peace home this new year. read more...