Our Mission:

Our Mission:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Roll Down Your Window and Ask

I was getting off the 10 freeway yesterday when I pulled up next to a car. It wasn't your average car. There were 3 bikes on top and signs pasted all over it. One sign said, "Ride for World Health." I glanced inside the car and saw 3 people with hat head/hair. You know how hair looks when it has been mushed in a helmed for a while. I was intrigued. What were they doing? So, I rolled down my window and asked.

"What are you up to?" They yelled something about riding across the country to support world health. They just got to LA from San Diego. I looked up and noticed that the light was green, as they turned the opposite direction.

My intrigue got the best of me this morning as I fired up my computer. I went to google and quickly found their website. CLICK HERE to go over and see what they are up to.

Here is a brief description from their site:

About R4WH

Ride for World Health is dedicated to creating a dialogue on the state of healthcare in communities across the world. By bringing together activists from across the country, we hope to inspire other medical professionals, volunteers, and communities-at-large to stand up as a unified voice for the millions who suffer at home and abroad.

The R4WH 3,700-mile ride takes place during April and May, traversing the country from San Diego to Washington D.C. Our 2008 Beneficiary is Doctors without Borders.


The mission of R4WH is to address global health disparities by focusing on education, advocacy, and fundraising which are addressed by utilizing a national cycling event as a vehicle for change. Each year, our Coast-to-Coast Lecture Series initiates meaningful dialogue throughout communities along our 3,700 mile journey. Through our efforts, we raise significant funds to support a non-profit organization with goals consistent with our vision, and empower our audience to become informed and active global citizens.

While education is fundamental to our efforts; education alone is insufficient to generate the change we hope to see in the world. Donor money drives global health efforts. This year, we are proud to have Doctors Without Borders as our beneficiary.

Ride for World Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.